About me

Hi, there, I am a Consulting Architect and Developer Evangelist at Elastic and the Elastic China Community creator. I have been using Elasticsearch for quite a long time(back to March 2010), I developed and maintaining some open source plugins for Elasticsearch. I joined Elastic in 2015, before that, I was on two startups and gathering over 7 years experience around backend engineering. my interests mainly around distributed system, search engine, devops, security and high performance. In my spare time, I‘d like to develop tools around elasticsearch and also like to talk about elasticsearch at the conferences or meetups.

Fun fact, Medcl [‘medikɔ:l], the unique name I created by myself, when I was young and during the first time when I learn English, I thought, hmm, I gotta to have a English name, and it should be cool, must not exist in the dictionary at all, so I picked 5 letters which looks good, and mix them together with some magic, that’s it, and I use it as my avatar since then. (I will definitely not choose it if learned English well).